Business Plans


The top two reasons businesses fail are:

1. Lack of Capital
2. Lack of Planning

Proper planning will help you to know how much capital you need and how you can maintain and grow your business through the years. If done properly, your business plan will not just be another book on your shelf but will become your operating budget for the next several years.


Creating a business plan for your business venture is more than just a good idea: it’s vital to the longevity and succesful growth of your new venture. Statistics say that businesses who plan wisely ahead of time not only get more start-up capital from financial institutions but their overall success rate is several times greater than businesses who do not.


With the recent acquisition of Business Plans & More, Inc., Centsible Accounting Services, LLC is dedicated to delivering top-tier, customized professional business plans at a competitive cost. Our team boasts over 15 years of expertise in crafting personalized business plans. Throughout this extensive period, we’ve authored numerous business plans spanning diverse industries and catering to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small “Mom & Pop” shops to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. We also provide valuable insights on the viability of your proposed business venture and are well-versed in the art of translating your business vision into a comprehensive plan.

A compliment we often receive from high ranking lenders and investors is that our business plans are “by far, some of the best we have seen”. This is because we customize every business plan to your company’s situation and go into great detail building your revenue and expenses from the “ground up” on a per unit basis. We take into consideration many variables that affect your business, including seasonality, ramp up time, and inflation to name a few.

We know that financing is tough and if you are going for an investor, only a small percentage of business plans get past the “gatekeeper” to get funded, mostly because of a poor business plan. We service clients all over the country on our business plans because of our reputation.

About 90% of our plans are for “start-up” companies looking to either take their idea still in their head and build a new business from scratch, or they are in the early stages of converting their invention or hobby into a business. Many clients in this category are going for funding (either bank loan or investor) to properly launch their business. We also have many existing business clients wanting to get to the next level of business, or they are doing something new like adding a new product or service, moving, or just need to see where they will be going next year or later. We have much experience with funding your business. We will go with you (if local) to your banker or investor to support you and go through the numbers, logic behind the numbers and supporting information with your funding source!