About Cent$ible Accounting Services

Friends don’t let friends use the blockheads.

Greg Allen – Principal

Greg Allen completed his education at Merrimack College, the number two school for accounting education in New England during the mid 80’s. Greg began his career as an accounts payable clerk advancing with each new position to Controller/CFO. He has worked for various companies in different industries such as banking, government, manufacturing, distribution, computer information technology and software firms. Greg also worked for the IRS and in 2000, Greg started Cent$ible Accounting Services, LLC. Since then, the company has helped small & medium businesses get control of their finances and streamline procedures. The company maintains many strategic alliances that can handle any facet of a company’s cycle, including corporate legal, human capital, management and employee team building and retraining. At Cent$ible Accounting we apply the real world knowledge we have gained working in the business arena and use that to help your company grow. Whether your business is a start up or an established company, Cent$ible Accounting is the one stop shop for your small or medium business needs.

Although we do not disclose our customer base for any reason, one of our success stories was helping a residential painting contractor who relies mostly on subcontractors, go from a 15% to 18% gross profit per month to 32% to 40%. Why is that important? Because at that small percentage they had, after expenses, they were breaking even or losing money some months. Now, with the larger gross profit they are profitable most of the painting season. Also, with the bonding and commercial lines of credit they were able to obtain, they are now positioned to start bidding on government contracts and larger commercial jobs.

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